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Swiss Export Risk Insurance SERV supports Swiss companies with their export transactions and opens up new markets for them.

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Minimise risks. Maximise exports.

Swiss Export Risk Insurance SERV supports Swiss companies with their export transactions and makes it easier for them to access foreign markets. With its insurance and guarantee products, SERV covers the political and economic risk (del credere risk) associated with exporting goods and services in any sector. SERV’s insurance policies and guarantees help companies to obtain export financing by offering protection against non-payment and by making it easier for companies to obtain low-interest loans or higher credit limits from banks. SERV also enables Swiss exporters to offer their customers longer payment terms without suffering liquidity shortfalls. SERV Compact provides you with an overview of the best insurance and guarantee products for your needs, along with details of how to obtain them. 

SERV is an institution under the public law of the Swiss Confederation and is independent in its management. The organisation chart can be found here. SERV employs around 80 members of staff. The organisation is subject to the supervision of the Federal Council, which appoints the Board of Directors and defines the strategic objectives for four years at a time. With its insurance solutions, SERV complements the products of private insurers (principle of subsidiarity). It operates in an economically viable manner and finances itself by charging premiums that are commensurate with the risk – meaning it functions without taxpayers’ money.

Legal basis for SERV’s activities

SERV’s business policy is derived from the SERV Act and the SERV Ordinance, as well as the strategic requirements of the Federal Council. The SERV Act also determines the basis of the requirements that an insurance transaction must meet. If these requirements are met, SERV is able to insure the transaction. SERV complies with the commitments that Switzerland has signed up to under international agreements, including the OECD Export Credit Arrangement and the Berne Union Guiding Principles.

History of SERV

On 1 January 2007, Swiss Export Risk Insurance SERV replaced Export Risk Guarantee (ERG), which had already been making an important contribution towards the economic development of Switzerland since being founded in 1934 – originally as a measure to combat unemployment. Dr Hans-Peter Bärtschi, an industrial and economic historian, has traced the history of ERG for you in the context of global economic developments.

Today, SERV is a modern, internationally recognised export credit agency (ECA) that has already helped countless companies – both big and small – to export their goods and services. SERV has been pursuing the same objectives from the very beginning: to promote Switzerland as a location of business and to create and safeguard jobs in Switzerland.