Sustainability - Topics

SERV’s climate strategy

“Minimise climate risks. Maximise sustainable exports” – that is the objective of SERV’s climate strategy. SERV refines its climate strategy continuously with the aim of contributing towards an environmentally friendly export industry.

Low-income countries

Export transactions to low-income countries are subject to additional information requirements and verification measures. Here you can find an overview of what your obligations are as an exporter, as well as how SERV checks projects in developing countries.

Anti-corruption at SERV

For each insurance application, SERV checks your anti-corruption declaration and other information for signs of corruption and bribery. Here are some tips on how you can help to prevent corruption yourself.

Project information

In the interest of transparency, SERV publishes two project lists: one contains Category A projects, and the other contains details of all projects with a contract value of more than 10 million Swiss francs. Here you can find the two lists with the most important details.