Mission Statement

Mission statement

SERV’s objectives – to promote Switzerland as a location of business and to create and safeguard jobs in Switzerland – are reflected in its vision and its values. Export transactions are exposed to the challenges associated with global uncertainty. SERV’s mission is to overcome every challenge together with its stakeholders – with customer-oriented solutions and mutual respect.

Minimise risks. Maximise exports.


We support businesses with flexible, customer-focused solutions.
We create and retain jobs in Switzerland and help the Swiss export industry to compete internationally.
We are an attractive employer which offers performance-based employment conditions in line with the market.


Customer focus

We align our activities with the needs of our customers. Utilising our extensive expertise and working closely with our customers, we develop solutions that help them to sustainably operate their businesses.

Continuous improvement

We take a keen interest in the latest developments, we strive to keep on learning and improving both professionally and personally, and we like to share our knowledge with others.


Our employees contribute their diverse experiences, perspectives and strengths on a daily basis. We value and respect this diversity as we support each other and collaborate across different departments and disciplines.


We give our employees responsibility, and we trust them to do the right thing and make good decisions.


We believe that appreciation should lie at the heart of every business and every working relationship. That’s why we are always respectful, fair and honest with each other.