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How does pathfinding work?

General contractors conduct large infrastructure projects, which are usually commissioned by governments. To carry them out successfully, EPCs rely on expert partners, such as Swiss SMEs. Watch the video to find out how SERV connects general contractors and Swiss SMEs and why the Pathfinding Strategy is a win-win for everyone involved.

SERV’s Pathfinding Strategy: Better access to major international projects for Swiss SMEs

With its Pathfinding Strategy, SERV is putting general contractors and Swiss SMEs in touch with one another. The idea is to leverage the innovative power of Swiss SMEs on large international projects and boost the Swiss export industry.

Global demand for infrastructure projects is rising. But how can SMEs participate in these large projects, especially if they don’t have the necessary resources or connections? This is where SERV comes in. SERV puts general contractors (engineering, procurement and construction com-panies, or EPCs) directly in touch with SMEs, rather than SMEs having to approach general contractors themselves. One example of a successful pathfinding project is the 330-kilometre-long motorway in Turkey.

SERV is also a member of Team Switzerland Infrastructure. Team Switzerland Infrastructure gives Swiss exporters access to major infrastructure projects by leveraging synergies between its members, namely the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), Switzerland Global Enterprise, SERV, Swissmem, Swissrail and On Team Switzerland Infrastructure’s website, Swiss exporters, international general contractors (EPCs) and foreign executive authorities can find information about Switzerland’s expertise in the area of infrastructure solutions, along with details of the relevant contacts.

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