Preparation is key – how to submit an application

If you are planning to submit an application to SERV, you can help to ensure a smooth process by getting all of the required documents and attachments ready in advance. SERV needs these to assess your project and will treat them confidentially.

For buyer risks

Here you can find the questionnaire that you need to submit to SERV together with the buyer’s last three annual financial statements when applying for one of our products that involves buyer risk. The buyer can also send the three annual financial statements directly to SERV. The following products cover buyer risk:

For exporter risks

When you apply for contract bond insurance or pre-shipment risk insurance, SERV may also ask you to provide the last two annual financial statements of the exporter.SERV will request the following document plus attachments when you apply for one of our liquidity products that involves exporter risk. This includes the products:

If you need any help completing the application, we will be happy to assist.


You can submit applications electronically through our application portal.
Application portal

Additional Information

SERV processes all transactions directly. However, complex or high-value insurance applications may require Insurance Committee approval. The Insurance Committee generally meets every three weeks to approve transactions.

Questions? Contact:

Romeo Grass


Assistant Vice President, Large Enterprises, SMEs & Acquisition
+41 58 551 5518