Requirements for acceptance of the insurance

  • The exporter has a registered office in Switzerland and is listed in the commercial register.
  • There are no restrictions in relation to the sector, the export goods or the services. For certain export goods it is necessary to comply with the provisions of the OECD Export Credit Arrangement.
  • The export transaction involves goods and services that are of Swiss origin or contain an adequate share of Swiss content. The foreign content of supplied goods or services should not exceed 80 percent of the order value. It can exceed 80 percent under certain conditions and at the exporter's request (see Information on origin of goods and Swiss content).
  • The buyer is domiciled outside Switzerland.
  • The export transaction is compatible with SERV business policy.
  • In principle SERV insures exports to all countries. For reasons of subsidiarity, SERV only insures exports with short-term credit periods of less than 24 months going to the EU and core OECD countries if they cannot be insured on the private market.
  • There are no minimum requirements for SERV insurance with regard to the company size or the order volume.