An innovation from Switzerland: satellites based on 3D printing technology

In the field: Swiss SME brings a breath of fresh air to satellite communications

SWISSto12, an EPFL Lausanne spin-off, has become the first Swiss company to manufacture a geostationary telecommunications satellite for commercial use. Its innovative HummingSat satellite is based on patented 3D printing processes and innovative high-frequency technology. SWISSto12 is working with SERV to supply key players in the market.

HummingSats are about the same size as industrial washing machines – making them much smaller and cheaper than conventional GEO satellites. They piggyback onto launchers as “co-passengers” via rideshare missions, which also reduces launch costs. Thanks to SWISSto12’s innovative 3D printing technology, the satellites are more powerful, production accelerated and production costs cut.

Satellites have to withstand extreme conditions such as high temperatures, radiation and vibrations upon launch. SWISSto12 uses state-of-the-art technology to meet these challenges. With 35 patent families, the company has the world’s largest patent portfolio for 3D printing technologies and products for high-frequency applications.

“The insurance from SERV is enabling us to quickly fulfil orders from the biggest players in the market.”


Why working with SERV pays off

The working capital facility insured by SERV provides SWISSto12 with flexible growth capital to meet strong demand for its small GEO satellite HummingSat. The committed cooperation of all parties involved ultimately made this transaction a success.  

Further information can be found in our annual report.