Products for exporters

SERV helps you to:

  • Ensure that you get paid for your export by insuring the political or del credere risk
  • Offer foreign customers attractive terms and conditions of payment
  • Find suitable foreign banks for your business

Do you produce goods or merchandise, but with a risk that they can’t be delivered or that their production won’t be paid for?
Pre-shipment risk insurance

Can you not afford to finance production costs with your own funds, or to debit the costs for your liquidity?
Working capital insurance

Do you have to provide your foreign customers with a guarantee (advance payment, performance, warranty or bid bond guarantee), but you don’t have a sufficient limit with your main bank for the sum guaranteed, or the amount limits your liquidity?
Counter guarantee

Do you deliver abroad, but with a risk that you won’t be paid completely or on time?
Supplier credit insurance

Products for exporters:

Supplier credit insurance
Pre-shipment risk insurance
Contract bond insurance
Counter guarantee
Confiscation risk insurance
Multi-buyer insurance for Scienceindustries members