SERV to introduce new Regulations on Premium Calculation

SERV to introduce new Regulations on Premium Calculation

In order to give Swiss exporters the best possible support and promote their international competitiveness, SERV relies on premium revenues. SERV is therefore introducing its new 2023 Regulations on Premium Calculation this summer to align the specific computational formula even more closely with the following principles:

More risk adequacy 
The new 2023 Regulations on Premium Calculation will take into account accurate default probabilities, making them more aligned with the business principle of charging premiums that are adjusted to the risk. 

More simplicity
SERV will use a new method to calculate premiums for products and periods that do not fall under the OECD Arrangement. This simplifies the previously complex regulations and means that the same method is applied to both exporter risks and buyer risks.

More transparency
Under the new premium regulations, the premium calculation will be defined more clearly with regard to different product variants such as limits or pro-rata transactions. At the same time, having a separate premium calculation for each individual product will create more transparency.

Premium simulator
Would you like to get an idea of what your premiums might be with the new computational method? With the new 2023 premium simulator, you can calculate the potential premiums for your new applications.

Find out more in this flyer or in the FAQ . If you have any questions, your client advisor will be pleased to assist.