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SECO’s SME Portal (in German and French)

Switzerland Global Enterprise

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Export support in Switzerland

SECO, the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs, establishes optimum regulative and economic framework conditions. Within Switzerland, SECO serves as the interface between the economy, social partners, and politics. Outside Switzerland, SECO actively cooperates in the design of efficient, fair, and transparent rules for the global economy. The organisation represents Switzerland in multilateral economic organisations and in international negotiations.

SECO’s SME Portal, available in German and French, offers important information for small and medium enterprises – from the foundation of a company to its management and to planning the succession.

The Swiss Export Risk Insurance SERV is a public-law institution of the Swiss Confederation and is supervised by SECO. SERV insures exports of Swiss companies in those areas that are not or not fully served by private providers.

Switzerland Global Enterprise
By order of the Swiss Confederation, Switzerland Global Enterprise supports companies in Switzerland and Liechtenstein in the establishment and development of their international business relationships.

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