SERV closed on 27 May 2016

Due to a company outing, SERV will be closed for the whole day on Friday 27 May 2016. Read more

St. Galler Forum für Finanzmanagement und Controlling

On Friday, 17 June 2016, the "St. Galler Forum für Finanzmanagement und Controlling" will take place for the second time. The event will be held in... Read more


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Lifting of Sanctions against Iran on the Occasion of Implementation Day

Swiss sanctions against Iran have been lifted at the same time as those of the UN and the EU. Read more

Export Digital: Finding sales markets online

The new online platform Export Digital offers Swiss exporters numerous benefits. Read more

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Zürich | SERV-Schulung "Grundlagen"

Personen, die bisher wenig oder keine Erfahrungen mit der SERV gemacht haben.
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Zürich | SERV-Schulung "Antragsportal"

Sie kennen das Antragsportal und wissen, wie sie Exportgeschäfte richtig beantragen.
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SERV insures

What does SERV do?

SERV insures Swiss exports against Glossarypolitical risks and Glossarydel credere risk (economic risk). In other words, we give you, the exporter, the security of knowing that you will be paid for your goods and services. Moreover, our insurance and guarantees help you finance your export transactions and conserve your company's cash. We also advise you on key issues during transactions, including contract drafting.

Apply for an insurance

How do I apply for insurance?

You can only apply for SERV insurance or guarantees through our online application portal. Please note that the information you provide on the application is binding.

Short- or long-term?

How does SERV define short-term and medium- or long-term?

A credit period of less than 24 months is considered short-term. If the credit period is 24 months or more, the transaction is considered medium- or long-term. The credit period covers the period between delivery as contracted and the final agreed instalment payment. It is not affected by the manufacturing period.