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Approval Date Type of Cover ² Country Title Sector Export Goods Delivery Value (CHF m) ³ Tenor ⁴ Exporter Category Remarks
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04.01.2021 CB United Kingdom Immingham UK General Manufacturing Water- and air-cooled combustion grate 16 ST -
25.11.2014 S Indonesia Garuda General Manufacturing Integrated Component Services 11.5 ST
25.11.2014 S Bangladesh Ghorasal 3 Repowering Power Additional export financing for the Ghorasal Power Project 37 ST
12.01.2021 S Oman Export Project Muscat Pharmacy, Oman General Manufacturing Pharmaceutical products 25 ST -
13.10.2014 S Belarus Global Credit Arrangement for various Projects Various Sectors Various Goods 14 MLT
14.01.2021 CG Senegal WAE 300MW Cap Des Biches CCPP Project Power Turbines and generators 298 MLT
13.10.2014 B Turkey IFAF-206608 General Manufacturing Spinning Machines 17 MLT
21.02.2021 P Denmark TRANCHE 1 to 3 - DSB General Manufacturing EMU Trains Typ Kiss 1280 MLT -
10.02.2021 B Uzbekistan Tetratex/ Contract No. 21745501 General Manufacturing Maschinen und Ausrüs-tung für die Spinnerei 94 MLT B
10.02.2021 B Uzbekistan Asaka Bank-Asakatekstil-Rieter-SERV 2020 General Manufacturing Equipment und Bauleistungen für die Erstellung einer Textilfabrik 31 MLT B
15.02.2021 S United Kingdom Uniper Connah's Power Station Power Turbines and generator 224 ST -
15.02.2021 S United Arab Emirates ADI Healthcare General Manufacturing MRI and CT scanners and X-ray equipment 44 MLT -
19.02.2021 S Russia EfW Kazan General Manufacturing Waste incineration and energy generation plant 81 ST -
08.03.2018 B Turkey EXPO Nr. 17.0081 Rieter - Oguz TR General Manufacturing Textile machines (ring spinning plant) 14 MLT
23.02.2021 B Turkey Mem/Rieter General Manufacturing Spinning machines 30 MLT -
06.02.2018 B Uzbekistan Khantex General Manufacturing Spinning machinery and equipment 24 MLT B
16.01.2018 B Indonesia PT Embee Ringspinnmaschinen-Projekt General Manufacturing Compact spinning system 16 MLT
05.03.2021 B Uzbekistan Sulton Tex Group_Rieter General Manufacturing Supply of equipment and installation for textile production 14 MLT -
20.03.2018 B Brazil 810BR Vicunha General Manufacturing Weaving and spinning machines 18 MLT
30.03.2021 B Saudi Arabia GCCIA Kuwait - Iraq OHL Project Power Conductors, optical ground wire, insulators and towers 112 MLT A

Archiv von Beantragten und bewilligten SERV-Policen von 2008 bis 2014  (PDF)

¹ The exporter declined to give us permission to publish information, usually because of competition but also because of security reasons and confidentiality agreements signed.
² S = Supplier Credit Insurance, B = Buyer Credit Insurance, P = Pre-Shipment Risk Insurance, CB = Contract Bond Insurance, C = Confiscation Risk Insurance, WC = Working Capital Insurance, CG = Counter Guarantee, RG = Refinancing Guarantee, LC = Letter of Credit Confirmation Insurance, RI = ECA Reinsurance 
³ The delivery value may not be equal to SERV’s exposure.
⁴ ST = short-term (< 24 months), MLT = medium/long-term (≥ 24 months)