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Approval Date Type of Cover ² Country Title Sector Export Goods Delivery Value (CHF m) ³ Tenor ⁴ Exporter Category Remarks
18.06.2020 S United States - General Manufacturing - 20 MLT Footnote 1
09.06.2020 B Turkey Nipas General Manufacturing Textile machines 13 MLT
09.06.2020 S India - General Manufacturing - 20 ST


Footnote 1
05.06.2020 S Tunisia Export Project PCT Tunisia General Manufacturing Pharmaceutical products 30 ST
05.06.2020 S Algeria Export Project PCH Algeria General Manufacturing Pharmaceutical products 30 ST
04.06.2020 P Azerbaijan ADY 10 FLIRT Infrastructure 10 5-car electrical and diesel-powered trains of the type Flirt 124 MLT

Stadler Bussnang AG, Bussnang

03.06.2020 S Japan - General Manufacturing 19 ST Footnote 1
23.05.2020 B Uzbekistan Gulistan Gold Yarn General Manufacturing Compact spinning machine and equipment. Air coniditioning system and laboratory devices 21 MLT

Maschinenfabrik Rieter AG, Winterthur

20.05.2020 CB France Grand Paris Express Infrastructure Platform screen doors 44 MLT
20.05.2020 P Germany 2020_DE_DB_3xB45 - 1st batch General Manufacturing 3 tamping machines 16 MLT
12.05.2020 CB Azerbaijan TA46232 General Manufacturing 6 million identity cards with chip; machines; software and services for 16 personalization centers 104 MLT

Trüb Trading (International) A, Aarau

08.05.2020 P China Retarder General Manufacturing Retarder 15 MLT
08.05.2020 P China Projekt Beijing Stamp Factory General Manufacturing High security printing machine 10 ST
08.05.2020 P China Projekt Bei-jing Stamp Factory 1 General Manufacturing High security printing machine 10 ST

Goebel Capital GmbH, Baar

07.05.2020 P United States BECS General Manufacturing Production line for stents 19 ST
06.05.2020 CB United Kingdom Oxford House General Manufacturing Aluminium curtain wall facade, glass and GRC panel 12 ST

Felix Constructions S.A., Denges

27.04.2020 P Netherlands Arriva WINK Infrastructure 18 trains type Wink 115 ST

Stadler Bussnang AG, Bussnang

27.04.2020 CB Russia EfW Moscow Plant 2 Power Waste incineration and energy generation 91 MLT

Hitachi Zosen Inova AG, Zürich

27.04.2020 CB Russia EfW Mos-cow Plant 1 Power Müllverbrennungs- und Kraftwerksanlagen 91 MLT

Hitachi Zosen Inova AG, Zürich

23.04.2020 B China Fergana Global Textile - Rieter General Manufacturing Equipment and installations for textile production 33 ST

Maschinenfabrik Rieter AG, Winterthur

Archiv von Beantragten und bewilligten SERV-Policen von 2008 bis 2014  (PDF)

¹ The exporter declined to give us permission to publish information, usually because of competition but also because of security reasons and confidentiality agreements signed.
² S = Supplier Credit Insurance, B = Buyer Credit Insurance, P = Pre-Shipment Risk Insurance, CB = Contract Bond Insurance, C = Confiscation Risk Insurance, WC = Working Capital Insurance, CG = Counter Guarantee, RG = Refinancing Guarantee, LC = Letter of Credit Confirmation Insurance, RI = ECA Reinsurance 
³ The delivery value may not be equal to SERV’s exposure.
⁴ ST = short-term (< 24 months), MLT = medium/long-term (≥ 24 months)