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Approval Date Type of Cover ² Country Title Sector Export Goods Delivery Value (CHF m) ³ Tenor ⁴ Exporter Category Remarks
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22.01.2018 S France Nantes Métropole Infrastructure 20 double articulated trolley-buses electrical TOSA 37 ST

Carosserie Hess

16.10.2014 B Turkey RW-12-0101/309235 General Manufacturing Spinning Machines 11 MLT

Maschinenfabrik Rieter AG

22.02.2018 S Finland - Infrastructure - 17 ST Footnote 1
02.10.2014 B Turkey IFAF-205777 General Manufacturing Spinning Machines 12 MLT

Maschinenfabrik Rieter AG

22.01.2018 B Turkey IFAE-Sirikcioglu General Manufacturing Spinning machinery 15 MLT

Maschinenfabrik Rieter AG, Winterthur

29.03.2018 S Russia LSR Tream St Petersburg Lot 3 Infrastructure 14 Tramways Typ Metelitsa 31 ST

Stadler Bussnang AG, Bussnang

23.03.2018 S Czech Republic Tram Ostrava 26-40 Infrastructure 15 Trams equipment and services 20 ST

Stadler Bussnang AG, Bussnang

15.02.2018 S Iran Doreen Riss General Manufacturing Spinning machines 12 ST

Maschinenfabrik Rieter AG, Winterthur

06.03.2018 S United States AMBT USA General Manufacturing Laser Welding Systems 34 MLT

Andritz Soutec AG, Neftenbach

15.01.2015 B India DGEN Transmission Line Project Power Cables for subterranean transmission lines 11.7 MLT
07.02.2018 B Mexico TULUM 2 Infrastructure Services and Spare Parts 12 ST

SR Technics Switzerland AG, Zürich-Flughafen

01.03.2018 CB Qatar Cabin Outfitting Agreement Qatar Infrastructure Cabin Outfitting Agreement Qatar 240 MLT

AMAC Aerospace Switzerland AG, Basel

03.01.2018 P Mexico Long term service agreement for maintenance Infrastructure Services and spare parts 76 ST

GE Global Parts & Products GmbH, Baden

08.02.2018 S El Salvador Border Control scanning in Salvador Infrastructure Services and scanning equipment 74 MLT

Cotecna Inspection SA, Genève 6

07.01.2015 P Brazil - - Footnote 1
27.02.2018 CB France COOPER-Airbus Infrastructure Cabin Outfitting of an airbus – ACJ320 NEO 34 MLT

AMAC Aerospace Switzerland AG

29.01.2018 WC Luxembourg 5ème extension Infrastructure Curtain Walling 30 MLT


12.03.2018 WC Egypt ML64 Mobile Inspection System - RFQ 15.BB.2017 Infrastructure Mobile scanners for trucks and containers type Tudor Tech ML64 13 ST

Mircea Tudor Scan Tech SA

20.03.2018 S China South Aluminum Smelter Project General Manufacturing 2 sets of 500TPH pneumatic suction Unloader 10 ST

REEL Alesa Ltd., Zürich

05.06.2018 RI Iraq Refinance Iraq Power Power Upgrade, repairs, service and maintenance of 50 x 9E turbines 113 MLT

GE Energy Switzerland, Baden

Archiv von Beantragten und bewilligten SERV-Policen von 2008 bis 2014  (PDF)

¹ The exporter declined to give us permission to publish information, usually because of competition but also because of security reasons and confidentiality agreements signed.
² S = Supplier Credit Insurance, B = Buyer Credit Insurance, P = Pre-Shipment Risk Insurance, CB = Contract Bond Insurance, C = Confiscation Risk Insurance, WC = Working Capital Insurance, CG = Counter Guarantee, RG = Refinancing Guarantee, LC = Letter of Credit Confirmation Insurance, RI = ECA Reinsurance 
³ The delivery value may not be equal to SERV’s exposure.
⁴ ST = short-term (< 24 months), MLT = medium/long-term (≥ 24 months)