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Approval Date Type of Cover ² Country Title Sector Export Goods Delivery Value (CHF m) ³ Tenor ⁴ Exporter Category Remarks
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10.04.2018 B Turkey MEM Tekstil General Manufacturing Spinning machinery and equipment 15 MLT
10.04.2015 Qatar - -


Footnote 1
04.05.2018 S Germany 60t/h Salt Plant with MVR and Chemical Treatment Agribusiness / Food Production Equipment and Engineering for the delivery of a Food grade salt Plant (NaCl) 34 ST
13.06.2018 B Uzbekistan Samarkand Kamalak – CONTRACT No. 21521501 General Manufacturing Spinning machinery and equipment 10 MLT
02.05.2018 P Germany Siemens RRX Infrastructure Passenger Information System (PIS) 16 ST

Ruf Telematik AG, Schlieren

09.05.2018 B Turkey EXPO Nr. 17.0081 Rieter – Oguz TR General Manufacturing Textile machines (ring spinning plant) 14 MLT

Maschinenfabrik Rieter AG, Winterthur

12.06.2018 B Indonesia PT Embee Ringspinnmaschinen-Projekt General Manufacturing Compact spinning system with total 40320 spindles to produce yarn 16 MLT

Maschinenfabrik Rieter AG, Winterthur

30.05.2018 B Mexico TULUM 3-Invoices Dec. 2017 / June 2018 Infrastructure Services and Spare Parts pursuant to Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul agreement(s) 19 ST

SR Technics Switzerland AG, Zürich-Flughafen

19.04.2018 B Turkey NEU Melike Tekstil General Manufacturing Spinning Machinery 18 MLT

Maschinenfabrik Rieter AG, Winterthur

25.09.2018 S Libya 5044 – TEIGWARENLINIE - LIBYEN Agribusiness / Food Production 1 Short Goods Line 1’250 kg/h and 1 Long Goods Line 1’500 kg/h 10 ST
24.07.2018 B Turkey - Agribusiness / Food Production 13 ST Footnote 1
04.06.2018 S Angola - Agribusiness / Food Production 17 MLT Footnote 1
25.09.2018 S Iran Tara Riss General Manufacturing Spinning machines 15 ST
04.07.2018 S India MMGO INDIA Infrastructure MindMotionGO Software 50 MLT
04.09.2018 LC Vietnam - Infrastructure 18 ST Footnote 1
26.07.2018 S Indonesia - Infrastructure 14 ST Footnote 1
24.07.2018 S Algeria Contrat SH-ALMIS 01-2018 Infrastructure RENK-MAAG Gear boxes spare parts 11 MLT
19.09.2018 B Indonesia Indonesien Infrastructure Air & Drone Defence systems incl. training and technical assistance 120 MLT

Rheinmetall Air Defence AG, Zürich

06.09.2018 P Israel Siemens Israel Infrastructure Passenger Information System (PIS) 11 MLT

Ruf Telematik AG, Schlieren

07.09.2018 S Turkey MEM Tekstil General Manufacturing Spinning machinery and equipment according 15 ST

Maschinenfabrik Rieter AG, Winterthur

Archive of requested and approved SERV policies from 2008 to 2014 (PDF)

¹ The exporter declined to give us permission to publish information, usually because of competition but also because of security reasons and confidentiality agreements signed.
² S = Supplier Credit Insurance, B = Buyer Credit Insurance, P = Pre-Shipment Risk Insurance, CB = Contract Bond Insurance, C = Confiscation Risk Insurance, WC = Working Capital Insurance, CG = Counter Guarantee, RG = Refinancing Guarantee, LC = Letter of Credit Confirmation Insurance, RI = ECA Reinsurance  

³ The delivery value may not be equal to SERV’s exposure.
⁴ ST = short-term (< 24 months), MLT = medium/long-term (≥ 24 months)