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Approval Date Type of Cover ² Country Title Sector Export Goods Delivery Value (CHF m) ³ Tenor ⁴ Exporter Category Remarks
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30.06.2021 CB Austria 10 Eub Panoramabahn Loser General Manufacturing 2 sections mono-cable detachable 10 seater gondola ropeway 14 ST -
30.06.2021 S United Kingdom HS2 - Hight Speed 2 - WP109 - Area West General Manufacturing Conveyor systems 32 ST -
30.06.2021 S United States Empire Wind Power Geotechnical site investigation for the development of an offshore windfarm 11 ST

Geoquip Marine Operations AG, St. Gallen

29.06.2021 P Netherlands Arriva Limburg / Batch III General Manufacturing Trains (EMU Type FLIRT) 79 MLT -
29.06.2021 P Taiwan 8481 - 34 Locs BOT Taiwan General Manufacturing Diesel-electric locomotives 181 MLT -
22.06.2021 B Uzbekistan Asakatekstil-Rieter-SERV 2020 General Manufacturing Machinery and equipment for the creation of a new textile factory 31 MLT

Maschinenfabrik Rieter AG, Winterthur

16.06.2021 B Uzbekistan Textile Finance Khorezm JV LLC (UZ-TEKS) General Manufacturing Supply of equipment and its installation for textile production 49 MLT

Maschinenfabrik Rieter AG, Winterthur

08.06.2021 S Turkey - General Manufacturing - 13 MLT - Footnote 1
08.06.2021 CB Japan P10920 Veolia Japan General Manufacturing PET recycling system 33 ST -
04.06.2021 S Russia Fabrika project bridge financing 5M General Manufacturing Varian linear accelera-tors 52 ST -
27.05.2021 S Romania Chimcomplex General Manufacturing Gas turbine units 28 MLT C
18.05.2021 B Thailand Thang Long Textile 3 General Manufacturing Ring spinning machines 12 ST -
12.05.2021 B Turkey Mem/Rieter General Manufacturing Spinning machines 28 MLT

Maschinenfabrik Rieter AG, Winterthur

06.05.2021 CB United Arab Emirates YASAT Project (A6-PFG & A6-PFH) General Manufacturing Cabin interior and avionics modification of two B787-9 aircraft 128 ST

AMAC Aerospace Switzerland AG, BaselAMAC Aerospace Switzerland AG, Basel

22.04.2021 S Bosnia and Herzegovina Republic of Srpska Infrastructure Ski plants for the winter center in Jahorina 11 MLT -
16.04.2021 S Brazil EMAS Sao Paulo Congonhas General Manufacturing Delivery of an EMAS (Engineered Material Arresting System); including engineering, material and con-struction services 14 ST

KIBAG Airfield Construction AG, Zürich

14.04.2021 S Russia Aeroexpress Service General Manufacturing Maintenance, repair works and technical support in relation to 11 trainsets 21 MLT -
09.04.2021 RI Turkey Ankara Izmir High Speed Rail Infrastructure Equipment and engineering design services 765 MLT -
30.03.2021 B United Arab Emirates - General Manufacturing - 554 ST - Footnote 1
30.03.2021 B Saudi Arabia GCCIA Kuwait - Iraq OHL Project Power Conductors, optical ground wire, insulators and towers 112 MLT A

Archive of requested and approved SERV policies from 2008 to 2014 (PDF)

¹ The exporter declined to give us permission to publish information, usually because of competition but also because of security reasons and confidentiality agreements signed.
² S = Supplier Credit Insurance, B = Buyer Credit Insurance, P = Pre-Shipment Risk Insurance, CB = Contract Bond Insurance, C = Confiscation Risk Insurance, WC = Working Capital Insurance, CG = Counter Guarantee, RG = Refinancing Guarantee, LC = Letter of Credit Confirmation Insurance, RI = ECA Reinsurance  

³ The delivery value may not be equal to SERV’s exposure.
⁴ ST = short-term (< 24 months), MLT = medium/long-term (≥ 24 months)