Premium composition

While SERV does not charge minimum premiums, it does charge risk-based premiums and, in certain cases, expense premiums. You can use the premium calculator to calculate estimated premiums for actual or hypothetical export transactions.

SERV has to comply with the OECD Export Credit Arrangement when insuring export credits with a credit period of 23 months or more. Detailed premium information is available in the premium tariff.

Insurance premiums

An insurance premium is charged in exchange for taking on the insured risk. It consists of a premium for the political risk (country risk) and a premium for the commercial risk (del credere risk).

The insurance premium amount depends on the following risk factors:

Expense premiums

Expense premiums are not charged for standard transactions.

SERV will charge expense premiums of CHF 200 per hour for additional review work. This is often the case with complex transactions, project financing or transactions involving increased environmental risk. Applicants are told of possible expense premiums in advance. Expense premiums are charged for insurance policies and for insurance commitments in principle. They are non-refundable. Costs for third-party services (legal opinions, environmental impact assessments etc.) are charged separately.


Insurance premiums for counter guarantees and working capital insurance are based on the exporter's performance rating.
Insurance premiums for export credit insurance for larger transactions to countries in Country Risk Category 0, high-income OECD member countries and euro zone countries are based on current market prices.