Market Finder: Finding sales markets online

The new online platform Market Finder offers Swiss exporters numerous benefits.

Market Finder features a tool in which you can enter your product in a search field. The analysis returns information on how often a month the product was entered in Google and in which country. In this way, you can optimise your e-commerce activities with regard to the sales markets.

But what are e-commerce activities? How can marketing measures be implemented effectively on the Internet? The platform conveys specific knowledge on this subject. It demonstrates the efficient use of the Internet for sales purposes and provides useful hints for online marketing, web analytics and online sales.

Furthermore, the platform offers a knowledge base that ranges from the financing of exports, to growth strategies, to insurance options for the export business. Here, the Swiss Export Insurance (SERV) explains how liquidity bottlenecks and risks of default can be prevented.

Market Finder was launched on 19 November 2015. The platform was developed by Google Switzerland and Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) in collaboration with SERV and others.