Legal framework conditions

SERV is governed by certain laws as an institution under public law.

They include:

SERV complies with the following framework conditions laid out in these laws and regulations:

  • Subsidiarity: SERV supplements, but does not replace, the insurance provided by the private sector. It only insures risks that the private sector will not insure at all or for which there is an inadequate supply of insurance.
  • Economic viability: SERV is an economically viable organisation and so does not incur costs for the Swiss Confederation over the long term. That means SERV charges premiums large enough to cover its own risks and operating costs.
  • Compliance with foreign policy: SERV ensures that its business practices are compliant with national foreign policy objectives regarding the environment, development, human rights, democracy and the peaceful co-existence of peoples. For details, see Sustainability.

Business policy

SERV’s business policy is derived from its legal foundations (Act and Ordinance) and the strategic guidelines set by the Federal Council. SERVG is also the basis of the requirements that a transaction must meet in order to be insured by SERV. SERV upholds Switzerland’s commitments under international agreements, including the OECD Export Credit Arrangement, and the Berne Union Guiding Principles.