Innovation is in the company’s DNA

As a multinational company, Bobst is constantly adapting to market requirements. The Swiss company’s capacity for innovation has made it the global market leader. Bobst focuses not only on technological advances, but also on risks and financing options for export transactions.


Bobst AG is a multinational enterprise that caters to two-thirds of the world’s packaging industry. However, it hasn’t always been this way. Bobst’s story began in 1890, when Joseph Bobst opened a printing supplies shop in Lausanne. It later evolved into a repair business, which grew in popularity. Numerous patent applications followed.

Always in tune with market requirements

Bobst has registered around 1,400 patents to date. ‘Innovation is in our company’s DNA,’ says Stefano Bianchi, Group Treasurer and Investor Relations. Bobst has always adapted to stay competitive; that’s why the company as well as its range of products and services continue to grow. Bobst supplies substrate processing, printing and converting equipment and services for the label, flexible packaging, folding carton and corrugated industries. The company now is present in more than 50 countries and has around 5,600 employees as well as 15 production locations in eight countries.

As the global market leader, most of Bobst’s deliveries and services are provided to customers outside Switzerland, which means that certain issues arise when it comes to determining contractual conditions and financing options. This is another example of how Bobst adapts to the market to remain competitive: Bobst works with leasing companies to give its customers access to alternative financing options. When agreeing payment periods with customers abroad, Bobst also carefully weighs country and buyer risks.

“Our ability to offer financing to customers in these regions gives us a crucial competitive edge.”
Stefano Bianchi, Group Treasurer and Investor Relations

Financing thanks to SERV insurance

For many years, Bobst has insured a portion of its transactions with SERV to reduce its risk. ‘Transactions covered by SERV are an important addition to our range, particular for long terms and risky markets. We can reduce our risks while also offering our customers long-term financing,’ explains Stefano Bianchi.

In 2019, Bobst has continued to rely on SERV insurance to cover four transactions on three different continents with a total order value of around CHF 6.5 million. Advance payment of just 15 to 30 per cent with a credit period of five years was agreed for each of these deliveries. Supplier credit insurance was taken out in each case. Stefano Bianchi explains how important SERV’s products are for Bobst’s business operation: ‘In the current low interest environment, it has become easier for customers in industrialised nations to obtain a bank loan. However, this is not always possible in emerging markets. Our ability to offer financing to customers in these regions gives us a crucial competitive edge.’