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Additional documents

Requested and approved SERV policies (PDF)

A-Project: Ghorosal 3rd Unit Repowering Project, Bangladesh (29.09.2014)
Project Description (PDF)
Environmental and Social Review Summary (PDF)
ESIA Report 1 (PDF), ESIA Report 2 (PDF)
Environmental and social action plan (ESAP) (PDF)

A-Project: Akademicheskaya 200 MW Combined Heat and Power Plant, Yekaterinburg, Russian Federation (01.04.2014)
Project Description (PDF)
Environmental Impact Assessment Report (PDF in Russian)

A-Project: Awash-Woldia / Hara Gebeya Railway Project, Ethiopia (25.03.2014)
Project Description (PDF)
ESIA Report (PDF)
Independent review (PDF)
Draft environmental and social action plan (PDF)
Revised Independent review (June 2014, PDF)
Updated environmental and social action plan (June 2014, PDF)

A-Project: Reliance Industries Ltd, Mumbai, Refinery Petrochemical Integrated Expansion Project (16.12.2013)
Project description (PDF)
EIA Report1: Dahej (PDF)
EIA Report2: Jamnagar (PDF)

A-Project: JBF Industries, 1500 tpd polyethylene terephthalate (PET) production plant, Geel-Laakdal, Belgium (13.09.2012)
Project Description (PDF)
EIA Report (PDF in dutch)

A-Project: Carrington Power, Carrington CCGT (combined cycle gas turbine) project, United Kingdom (16.05.2012)
Project description (PDF)
EIA Report (PDF)

A-Project: Chornobayivske PJSC, Egg Flock Capacity Poultry Factory, Ukraine (09.02.2012)
Project description (PDF)
Environmental information (PDF)

A-Project: SULB Integrated Steel Complex, Bahrain (19.11.2010)
Project description (PDF)
EIA report (PDF)

A-Project: MHP S.A. Vinnitsa Complex, Ukraine (19.11.2010)
Project description (PDF)
Environmental information (PDF in Russian/English; complete report on request)

Your contact person

Bernhard Müller


As a Swiss government institution, SERV attaches great importance to transparency and to providing the public with information. In its Annual Report it provides information each year on the most important developments in the last business year.

Projects requiring a precise examination by SERV of compliance with the principles of environmental protection and development policy attract an inordinate amount of public interest. SERV therefore pursues a clear information policy in order to meet these needs. Thus regular consultations with NGOs (non-governmental organisations) are organised, and ad hoc meetings on important projects are offered if required. Such meetings provide an insight into SERV's activities, and ways of bringing concerns into the approaches being developed are discussed.

For the purposes of transparency, and following consultation with the exporter, SERV publishes details of projects involving contract values in excess of CHF 10 million.

As defined in the „Revised Council Recommendation on Common Approaches on the Environment and Officially Supported Export Credits“, SERV also publishes environmental information on Category A projects at least 30 days before deciding on the definitive issuance of an insurance policy. Such information can be found in the right-hand column.

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