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SERV can apply surcharges to insurance premiums for several reasons.

Foreign content surcharge (FCS)

A surcharge is levied on the insurance premium for exports with more than 50 percent foreign content. The surcharges are structured as follows:

Foreign content


51 to 55 percent

2.5 percent

56 to 60 percent

5.0 percent

61 to 65 percent

7.5 percent

66 to 70 percent

10.0 percent

Applications must be specially substantiated in this case. For details, see the "Origin of goods" information sheet.

Foreign exchange surcharge (FXS)

SERV can levy surcharges of 5% (euro) or 10% (other currencies) for insurance policies in foreign currencies.

Due to the rapid and substantial appreciation of the Swiss franc, which has been leading to considerable competitive disadvantages for Swiss exporters, the application of the FXS is suspended until further notice.

Increased risk surcharge (IRS)

SERV can levy a surcharge of up to 100% to cover the increased risk for a specific transaction or for all transactions that meet certain criteria. A transaction is considered to have an increased risk if, for example, the applicable country category does not reflect the effective risks, the country or debtor limits have been exhausted or there are increased project-specific risks.

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