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Berne Union

Value Statement (PDF)

Guiding Principles (PDF)

ST Operational Guidelines (PDF)

MLT Operational Guidelines (PDF)

INV Operational Guidelines (PDF)

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Berne Union

The Berne Union, with headquarters in London, is the world's largest association of public and private export credit and investment insurance companies. Established in 1934 as an international non-profit organization, the Berne Union advocates the global coordination of conditions governing export credits, export credit insurance and investment insurance.

The Berne Union serves as an information and experience exchange platform to its members and aims to help new export credit insurers be up-to-date, internationally competitive organisations.

Subdivided by goods and/or service category and transaction size, the Guiding Principles agreed by the members cover admissible credit periods, particularly of export credits with repayment terms of up to 23 months.

Version: 18.12.2014

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