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Additional documents

Business policy (PDF in German)

Strategische Ziele des Bundesrates für die SERV, 2011-2014 (PDF in German)

Swiss Export Risk Insurance Act (SERVG) (PDF in German)

Swiss Export Risk Insurance Ordinance (SERV-V) (PDF in German)

Your contact person

Heribert Knittlmayer

Corporate policy

We operate under Swiss law (Act and Ordinance) and according to the Federal Council's strategic objectives. We observe the international agreements to which Switzerland is a party, such as the OECD Export Credit Arrangement and the Guiding Principles of the Berne Union.

Our corporate policy mandates that

  • we are self-financing
  • we treat public and private buyer risk separately (segment accounting)
  • our premiums reflect extent of risk
  • our coverage augments that of private insurers (subsidiarity)
  • our services are internationally competitive
  • and that we operate according to Switzerland's foreign policy goals

»» Legal framework 
»» International co-operation

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